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We Welcome All Humans To Claim Their TZEN

From highly trained private and institutional investors to passionate individuals without vast financial background or resources. We invite everyone to claim each your TZEN tokenized shares and be part of the upside we create together. Our investor experience is no different from our user experience: Open, transparent, simple, fair, and with significant opportunity to create value.

The Product Of The Future

A Groundbreaking Idea

Leveraging the power of Blockchain and NFTs we combine 
accessibility, privacy, and transparency with real value creation 
for all participants in the booming content economy. And it‘s not just an idea, the beta version of our app is launching soon. Stay tuned during the dawn of NFT‘s.

Investments enabled by Blockchain technology

A transformational approach to investing

THE ZENE wants to give ownership of content and data to the users they rightfully belong to. So of course the ability to become an investor in THE ZENE should be open, available, and simple for anyone to obtain.

The TZEN token is backed by shares of THE ZENE AG and lets you participate pro-rata in the case of an exit. It is a legally and regulatory compliant security token offering created with our partner BACD USA LLC – a global leader paving the way for a new dawn for investments enabled by Blockchain technology, Private investments open to the public.

The product of the future

Endless potential

The content creation economy is growing. Fast! Only being held back by unfair and nontransparent conditions for the users. ZENE has the ability to tear down the barriers and unleash the next level of growth and benefit from the scale of trading NFTs, added services to users, and creating a framework for corporates wanting to secure existing properties and developing new with NFTs.

A remarkable market response

Leveraging one of the worlds most innovative go-to-market tools; Response Modelling, THE ZENE has identified a potential that reaches far beyond the existing crowd of NFT and Crypto audiences. Connecting creators, spectators, and traders on a platform that lets users own and control data turns out to appeal to the broadest audience of social media users possible.


Markets on a global scale have been interviewed


Social media users responded


Showed interested in using ZENE


Solid Backing

THE ZENE is backed by a great network of partners. Be it to develop our App with Endava, our blockchain and 
NFT integration with Consensys or to target the right markets with our Marketing partner Komponent. We only chose the best and the best chose us. Our extended and established team covers all necessary competencies.

Leading global digital development partner
Global software and service provider
Legal partner and consulting specialists
Leading Ethereum software company
Trailblazer in the investment space through tokenization of shares
Disruptive creative production and media agency
Our Swiss banking partner
Innovators of go-to-market decision tools

Swiss Origins

ZENE AG is a privately held company registered in Luzern, Switzerland.
Currently owned 100% privately by international industry leading investors.

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