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You must experience it

Our advanced 3D engine allows you to browse NFT content like never before. Immerse yourself in a world of unique assets, connect with a passionate community, and explore the future of NFTs in a whole new way.

Create, transact and experience

ZENE is a cutting-edge social marketplace for NFTs, revolutionizing the way collectors and creators interact in the digital content landscape.

Interact with your communities

Our intuitive platform enables users to build their digital asset base and establish connections through dialogue and engagement.

Find exactly what you are looking for

With our innovative AI-powered 3D search technology and support for multiple user identities, we create immediate and personalized matches, fostering a dynamic and engaging marketplace.

All the benefits of blockchain technology  

Through Web3 integration, users gain full ownership and the ability to monetize their content, while our recommendation engine enhances their experience, making ZENE the go-to destination for immersive, secure, and community-driven digital transactions.

Meet our team

Meet the dedicated individuals who bring our vision to life.

Thomas Staubli
BoD, Board of Directors
Former early stage partner of Partners Group with over 30 years of experience in private equity and financial markets, Thomas Staubli brings the highest level of financial expertise and know-how to THE ZENE.
Ellen Nehs
Chief Visionary & CEO
Ellen Nehs combines an entrepreneurial mindset extraordinaire with a consulting background from Bain & Company resulting in solid and disruptive approaches. Ellen is also a graduate of INSEAD.
Philipp Homann
Bringing 18 years of profound experience in software and mobile app development to the team, previously working for acknowledged and industry leading companies like Endava.
Naemi Hügli
Naemi leverages 10 years of financial industry experience, shining in both project management and business development capacities. Her insights drive our team's success.
Frederik Kragh
Creative Director
12 years of experience in marketing and design. He is renowned for producing dynamic and innovative designs that set the benchmark for top-tier campaigns in highly competitive markets.
Lucian Aguilar
10 years of experience in the financial and technology sector. Previously he led Global Markets in Europe at Kraken. He played a crucial role in establishing Kraken as a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the region. 
Michele Stefano Melis Huerta
Head of Design
The driving force behind our concept, with an in-depth grasp of UX design while consistently prioritizing customer-centric user experiences.


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